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Mozzy has a $1 million dollar net worth. US rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Mozzy is well-known. Due to his mother’s drug addiction and the fact that his father spent a significant amount of time in prison as a result of his illegal activities, Mozzy had a challenging upbringing. He is among the richest rappers in the nation. Born on June 24, 1987, Mozzy. In 2022, he will be 34 years old.

Mozzy is well-known for his acting and good appearance. His full name is Timothy Patterson. We will be discussing about Mozzy’s bio, family, and net worth.

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Mozzy Net Worth

One of the most popular celebrities in India, Mozzy has a $1 million dollar net worth as of 2022. This equals 8.2 Indian rupees. As of 2022, his annual income is around 6 Crore, with a monthly salary of roughly 8+ Lakh.

He receives a salary of $20 per year for songwriting in addition to all of his other assets, such as his real estate and stock holdings. In addition to this, he bills brands for endorsements at a fee of Rs. 10 lakh.

NameTimothy Patterson
ProfessionUS rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer
Age ( in 2022)34 years old
Net Worth In 2022$1 Million
Monthly Salary8 lakh+
Annual Salary6 crore
Last Update2022

Mozzy Recent Five-Year Net Worth

Net Worth In 2022$1 Million
Net Worth In 2021$0.9 Million
Net Worth In 2020$0.8 Million
Net Worth In 2019$0.7 Million
Net Worth In 2018$0.6 Million

Mozzy Biography

Mozzy was born on June 24, 1987, and his real name is Timothy Cornell Patterson. Growing up in Sacramento, California, he started out in the lyric writing business. One of hip-most hop’s admired vocalists, Patterson is known for writing songs that deal with the harsh realities of inner-city life. His debut album, “1 Up Top Ahk,” was released in 2016, and since then, he has released a number of mixtapes and songs that have received accolades from critics. 

Mozzy early education was not promising he admitted in Sacramento High School but was not able to complete his studies. He attempted GED General Educational Development Exam and earned his Certificate.

mozzy salary

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Full NаmеТіmоthу Раttеrѕоn
Аgе34 уеаrѕ оld
Віrth DаtеЈunе 24, 1987
Віrth РlасеЅасrаmеntо, Саlіfоrnіа, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Неіght5 ft 7 іnсhеѕ
Wеіght65 kg
Ѕехuаl ОrіеntаtіоnЅtrаіght
Маrіtаl ЅtаtuѕМаrrіеd
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook
Сhіldrеn/КіdѕТwо dаughtеrѕ
РrоfеѕѕіоnRарреr, ѕіngеr, rесоrd рrоduсеr, ѕоngwrіtеr
Nеt Wоrth іn 2022$1 mіllіоn
Birth SignCancer

 Does Mozzy utilize social media sites?

With practically all social media accounts, Mozzy is a social media freak. He posts images of his daily life to his 1.3 million followers on Instagram (@Mozzy).

However, 111K people follow him on Twitter (@MozzyThaMotive), and they demonstrate their support for him.

With 1.22 million subscribers, he maintains a YouTube channel called Mozzy. He became well-known as a rap musician thanks to his incredible success on YouTube.

List of Mozzy songs

  • Sleep Walkin
  • MAD
  • Tomorrow Ain’t Promised
  • Excuse Me
  • I Ain’t Perfect
  • Famous
  • Can’t Take It
  • YG Mozzy Vibe With You
  • YG Dangerous

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Mozzy Wife

Gee O Dee, his wife and longtime lover has stood by his side during good times and bad. The couple has two kids, and on social media, they frequently share pictures of their family time. Mozzy tries to maintain his privacy despite his notoriety.

In 2010, Mozzy and his girlfriend “Gee O Dee” began dating. with the real name Geniece Barnes. The two have been together since and are still together as of 2022. In 2016, Mozzy put out the album “Real Talk,” which featured the song “Lover Gee O Dee,” a tribute to Mozzy’s partner.

Gee O Dee has always had a part in Mozzy’s music and life. His early tracks frequently included her, such as “Girlfriend” and “I Feel Like Mozzy.”

Achievements Throughout Mozzy’s Life

Through his career, Mozzy accomplished a lot thanks to his dedication and passion for his work.

From 2011 to 2019, a period of nine years, he put out twenty-two solo albums and seventeen albums with collaborators.

People adore his songs’ sound and lyrics. Beyond Bulletproof, Big Homie From The Hood, Body Count, Blackout, Can’t Let You Go, Death is Callin, Gangsta, I Ain’t Perfect, and many others are some of his well-known songs.


By the name of Lil Tim, Mozzy launched his career in 2004. Back in the day, his style was gospel hip-hop. For ten years, he kept up the good work until one of his songs received some minor public attention. 2010 saw the debut of the song U ain’t ready like dat, which quickly gained notoriety.

Upon the release of his album, Money Means Mozzy, in 2011, he changed his name to Mozzy. Bladadah, the next track, is regarded as his best album of all time. When this song, which was published in 2015, became popular, it helped him become known to rap fans.

This year, he enjoyed additional successes and received praise from publications like Complex Magazine and Rolling Stone.

Despite everything, he continued to release records on occasion. One of his albums, Mandatory Check, also debuted in the top seven rap singles on the Billboard charts in 2016.

Before starting Mozzy Records, he was employed by music production businesses like Livewire Entertainment, Real talk Entertainment, Empire Distribution, and Blackmarket Records.


What is Mozzy estimated Net Worth?

Mozzy has a $1 million dollar net worth. US rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Mozzy is well-known. Due to his mother’s drug addiction and the fact that his father spent a significant amount of time in prison as a result of his illegal activities, Mozzy had a challenging upbringing.

Where is Mozzy’s home?

Mozzy resides in the United States in Los Angeles, California. In 2016, he had relocated to Los Angeles from his hometown of Sacramento.

Is Mozzy married?

Mozzy married the same woman whom he was in love with before. He has two daughters with whom Mozzy is married.

What is Mozzy’s real name?

The real name of Mozzy is Timothy Cornell Patterson. His previous stage name was Lil Tim, which he eventually changed to Mozzy in 2011.


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