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What is Blac Youngsta net worth? Blac Younsta’s real name is Sammie Marquez Benson, he has a net worth of 5$ million in 2022. An American rapper first came into the picture with his hit song “Hip Hopper” in 2007. He is part of Yo Gotti Collective Music Group (CMG) and Epic Records.

What you will learn about Blac Youngsta

Early Life – Youngsta Childhood

Famous American Rapper was born on 8, April 1990 in McMillan Street, a backward area of Memphis, Tennessee. He spent his childhood struggling for food, his grandfather who raised him got him a job at a local store when he was only 7 years old. 

He got caught stealing food for his family and fired, Guesta started selling drugs in the area and was put behind the bars several times. In 2012 He spent a whole year in prison.

Career- How Marquez became Younsta 

After coming out of Prison he started taking interest in music, he joined many local music groups and began hosting music parties arranged for local black guys. 

Youngsta released three mixtapes as part of the series named Fast Brick starting in 2012. YO Gotti appeared in the remix version of the song and signed Boc Yongesta as part of his Collective Music Group (CMG).

Blac released its first mixtape under the umbrella of CMG in 2015 called “I Swear to God”

blac youngsta with yo gotti
Yo Gotti denying rumors about Youngsta is not part of CMG

Hi Debut Album

After releasing several mixtapes under CMG, he signed with Epic Records, an American record label owned by Sony Music Group. His first debut album called 223 under Epic Records was released in 2018. 223 was on position 43 in the Bill Board Hot 100.

Since starting his music career he has released many music labels in which various artists like Lil Pump, Lil yeti, Travis Scott, and Yo Gotti have appeared. His single “Botti”  secured certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Controversies – Police Cases

In 2016 Blac Youngsta was withdrawing an amount of 200,000$ from the bank in Atlanta Georgia, he was planning to buy a new car but police suspected he is trying to rob the bank And called Youngsta to investigate.

Later they found out that it was his own money they released him. Youngsta put a charge and accused police and bank employees claiming that they were being racists because he was black.

In 2017 Youngsta was arrested on suspicion of shooting rounds at his fellow rapper Young Dolph, Youngsta was found innocent and released and the case was closed in 2019.

Personal Life – Girlfriend

There are rumours that youngsta has a girlfriend named Bell Willims but there is no authentic news about it. He has no kids.

How much does Blac Youngsta make in a year?

Youngsta annual income is 500,000$ million with his primary source of income comes through his record labels, collaborations with other music artists, and brand endorsements. His annual income is around 500,000$ a year.

His Yearly Income for the last 5 years is given below.

Net Worth in 2022$5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$5 Million
Net Worth in 2020$3 Million
Net Worth in 2019$3.5 Million
Net Worth in 2018$2 Million

Youngsta Car Collection

Youngsta is a big fan of cars and has cars from many expensive and luxurious brands including Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Austin Martin.

black youngsta cars
Youngsta with him Lamborghini

Below is the detail of his cars

Lamborghini Urus 540,000$
Austin Martin Vantage GT200,000$
Lambhorghini Aventador 515,000$
Lamborghini Gallardo241,000$

Blac Youngsta House

According to reports, Youngsta has a luxurious house in Los Angeles that is worth 300,000$.

Net Worth$5 Million
NameBlac Youngsta
Real NameSammie Marquez Benson
Date Of Birth8 April 1990
Height5.8 (1.7 m)
Birth PlaceUnited States
Social ProfilesInstagram Facebook Twitter
Annual Income$500,000
Last Updated2022

Key Takeaways

  • Blac Youngsta’s net worth is 5$ million in 2022.
  • His annual income is 500,00$.
  • He was born on 8, April 1990
  • He started music at the age of 22
  • His first music debut album 223 was released in 2018 under Epic Records.
  • Youngsta was arrested by police in the controversial death of his fellow rapper Young Dolph.
  • He has a luxurious collection of cars including expensive Lembhorighini Urus which cost him 540,000$

With so many shortcomings Youngsta rose to great heights with his passion for music, he accumulated 5$ Million dollars in the life that was given to him full of misery and hardships. 


Is Blac Youngsta still Alive?

Yes Blac Youngsta is alive and living

How old is Blac Youngsta?

Youngsta was born on 8, April 1990. He is 32 Years Old.

What is Blac Youngsta net worth?

Blac Youngsta net worth is 5$ Million

Is Yo Gotti related to Blac Youngsta?

Yes, Bac Youngsta is part of the  CMG Collective Music Group created by Yo Gotti. 

Is Blac Youngsta still with CMG?

In 2021 Yo Gotti officially denied the rumours circulating on different blogs claiming that Blac Youngsta is not part of the CMG anymore. He further claimed that Blac is still working with him and will be in the future.

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