Bill Perkins Net Worth 2022: Wife, Poker, Career, Yacht, Bio, Height

Bill Perkins’s full name is William O Perkins an American businessman, film producer, and professional Poker Player. According to various sources including Forbes Bill Perkins net worth in 2022 is 55$ million dollars. Bill is the founder of Small Ventures USA which he established in 1997., In 2002 he joined Centraurs. His main area of interest is Energy and Venture Capital. Currently, he is managing Skylar Capital, Energy Fund based in Houston.

Bill is a Professional Poker player as well, most people play a game for victory in the mind but there are few players in the world who enjoys the whole journey of the game with ups and downs, winning or losing does not affect them as others,  Bill Perkins is the one who fits in this example. He is considered one of the richest poker players in the world due to his net worth. 

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Early Life

Bill was born in 1969 in Houston Texas, his father is a politician and football player. He spent his early years in Jersey City.


He received a diploma from St. PetersSchool Preparatory School. He earned a degree in  Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Lowa.


Bill Perkins Net Worth55$ Million USD
Date of BirthFebruary 2, 1969 
Age53 Years
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight75 Kg
ProfessionBusinessman, Film Producer, and Poker Player
WifeLara Sabiston
Children’s2 Daughters
booksDie with Zero
Social Media Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram,


After graduation, he started working as a screen clerk with John D Arnold, an oil trader, bill worked severed several years with John. In 1997 he founded Small Ventures USA. after 5 years he joined an Energy company called Centaurus Energy. Bill Perkins net worth started to pile up.

His Business skills proved when in the field of Energy and Venture Capital when he traded Goldman Sachs for a whooping sum, this deal alone earned him 1.25$ million USD.

Film Production

Bill’s life took another turn when he started producing movies, he was able to produce great movies including Unthinkable, Cat Run, and After Life.

He donated 1.5$ million USD for the establishment of William O Perkins Athletic Center.

Bill Perkins Poker 

Apart from his Business Venture and Film Production, there is another angle of Bill’s life which is Poker. He is a professional Poker player and enjoys playing poker like nothing. Bill has won millions of dollars from Poker, A large portion of Bill Perkins net worth is contributed by Poker money.

bill perkins playing poker

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Personal Life and Family

Bill married his wife Stephanie Perk and the couple had two daughters together, unfortunately, their marriage could not run along and they separated due to some personal differences. Bill is in a relationship with Lara Sebastian who is in the Modeling and Dancing profession. Until now Bill has a healthy relationship with Lara and his ex-wife is also a good friend.

Bill Perkins Net Worth

Bill has accumulated a large sum of money in a very short period of time, with a net worth of 55$ million USD in 2022. he earned his net worth through Venture Capital Business, Film Production, and Poker. He proved his Business intelligence and Money making skills through everything every industry he worked in.

Bill Perkins House

Bill Perkins does not live in a house instead he is living in the compound which contains multiple houses at Lake Austin which he purchased in 2020 for 28.5$ million, total covered area is 6.5 acres. There are a total of 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The compound also includes a Boat Deck, A Grand Pool, and a large Green Area. The compound also holds a Library, A Spacious Bar for private meetings, and a large living Space.

Bill Perkins yacht 

Bill also owns a Luxury Yacht called Singularity 2.0, which offers a never-ending experience with an open deck layout and ample seating. There are foldable tables and dining areas. Outer space is managed so well that people can lie down and take a sun bath. Plush beach towers and water toys are available in case you want to take a fresh heated shower. 

Bill Perkins Book Die with Zero

Bill also wrote a best-selling book Die with Zero, where he outlined the principles he learned throughout his career right from his first job of 16,000$ a year. He provides a framework to maximize the net benefit of personal finance and investment. As a result, one can increase his net worth no matter what industry he is working in.


How did Bill Perkins get rich?

Bill Perkins started his career in Energy and Venture Capital through his business skill and made millions of dollars, he also produced many films. Bill is also a professional Poker Player and made his net worth through poker winnings.

Is bill Perkins a billionaire?

Bill Perkins net worth in 2022 is 55$ million which makes him a rich man, but he is not a billionaire yet.

Who is Bill Perkins married to?

Bill is currently living with Lara Sebastian a Professional Model and Dancer.

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